Can Masturbation Cause Blindness?

This is a little bit of an odd post or at least it may seem like it at first but believe it or not I have had a number of hormonal teenage males ask me this over the last couple of months so decided to do a quick post on it. Since the beginning of time there is evidence that people masturbated. For many this was considered to be a normal activity.  For others  it was considered to be damaging. Some societies even  thought masturbation would lead to spiritual damage. Many men have been exposed to myths and half truths about masturbation and were made to feel same for engaging in this activity. Some of these myths will be addressed proven to be untrue. There are also some male enhancement tips (see Penile Plus) on how to properly care for the penis and keep it in the best health.

Myth #1: Masturbation will lead to blindness

For centuries people have been saying that masturbation can cause blindness. Many societies used this to scare children and young adults away from self pleasure.  There is no scientific evidence to show that masturbation leads to loss of sight.

Myth #2: Masturbation will lead to baldness

This may be somewhat reasonable. Masturbation along with sexual intercourse increased a testosterone level which has been linked with male baldness. Masturbation alone does not increase androgen levels so it will not make a man go bald.

Myth #3: Masturbation can cause excessive hair growth

Masturbation will not cause hair to grow on the palms. This was another scare tactic used to prevent males from masturbating. If most men including the ones reading this would have very hairy palms if this myth was true.

Myth #4: Masturbation can lead to infertility in males

If a man is masturbating and ejaculating it does make some sense that people would think he would lose semen leading to infertility. Once a man ejaculates it does take the body some time to replenish sperm. Men that do not ejaculate on a somewhat regular basis are actually less fertile.

Myth #5: Masturbation causes the muscles to become weak

In some cultures ejaculating alone can cause the men to become weak.  People that are infrequent masturbators may feel tired when they are done. There is no scientific information to show that masturbation leads to muscle weakness.  More than likely this was another scare tactic used to discourage masturbation.

Eye Disorders and Specialists

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of eyes specialists available, this is from physicians to even expert surgeons. Making it important for you to recognize the fundamentals of your eyes, as this will help in understanding whether your eyes have something wrong. Additionally, you will also need to get well informed about the different eye specialists and rudimental eye care that is available. The common eye specialists that people are aware of is an ophthalmologist, optician and not forgetting optometrist. However, very few people know of an ocularist or even an oculist. Below are some of the conditions you might experience without proper care of your eyes.

Eye Infections

Maintaining a good hygiene practice, this is on your hands and your entire body, will give you a great deal of benefits in protecting your eyes from any possible infections. Additionally, other than maintaining a good hygiene you need to consult a good eye doctor regularly, to keep track of your vision and keep your eyes in good health. In the event your specialist prescribes some remedies to you, it is advisable that you follow the guidelines as specified with no delays.

Cataract Surgery

Various issues arise from light exposure and macular degeneration. Leading to an increased amount of research carried out around this. In the various studies that have been done, one study found that AMD increases around two folds after an individual has undergone a cataract surgery (Wang 2003; Freeman, et al, 2003). The risk of AMD increasing after surgery has been linked to exposure to blue light, which is included in the surgical treatment. Moreover, as an individual age, the natural lens present in the eye becomes yellow under filtering blue light. The yellowed natural lens is taken out during the cataract surgery; this is to allow increased susceptibility that is present in the aged retina that was damaged through blue light.

Macular Degeneration

Most individuals that suffer from macular degeneration are at times not aware of it as they think it is just poor eyesight. The reason being, it can be a painless condition. The condition results in a gradual decrease in the individual’s vision; this happens inside the macula due to retina destruction. The macula is the center of the visual field. As the condition progresses, the individuals vision gets worse especially in situations they are trying to recognize other people’s faces.

The macular degeneration will take two forms, one being nonexudative which is dry, the second one being exudative being wet. The nonexudative is caused when the cellular debris starts accumulating behind the retina. On the other hand, the exudative is relatively more dangerous, as it results in an abnormal increase in bloodstream behind the individual’s retina. A variety of treatment surgeries have been developed to slow down the disease in the body; however, it is not always the initial choice for an individual who is afflicted with the macular degeneration.

As people are not well informed of the various eye treatment options available, many run to eye surgery for a condition that could have been treated with an alternative method. As a result, an Ophthalmologists can assist with the various eye conditions you might be experiencing and take the necessary actions. Nevertheless, it is up to the patient to take proper care of their eyes.